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social unix server

This is a pubnix server maintained by vidak

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█ the computer you are currently connected to is a pubnix.

█ a pubnix is elsewhere known as a ~tilde. a pubnix is an internet server computer that many people can log into and use socially.

█ currently, this social unix server is open for registration, and offers the following services:

* web hosting
* matrix chat protocol
* an etherpad instance
* gopher hosting
* gemini universal search
* books
* gemini web proxy portal

If you would like a user on this pubnix, e-mail vidak.

In the body of the e-mail you must include:

* the username you want
* your public ssh key

confused? just e-mail vidak for some help (:


the purpose of this pubnix is to enable better communication between those interested in:
* solarpunk,
* permacomputing, and
* the smolnet


this server is a friendly computers worker's co-op initiative.

current users